Day 21

Guys, where is that plane?

Guys, where is that plane?

I’m overly obsessed with Malaysia Flight 370, which has now officially been missing for 21 days since it took off from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia bound for Beijing, China. Ob-sessed. I’m talking watching the same segments on CNN, on repeat and trying to take in as much information as I possibly can. That being said, can someone please explain to me how the world’s largest twin-jet, carrying 239 passengers (three of which were American) and 12 crew members, just vanishes? Literally. Can someone also explain to me how those 239 people on-board a flight that CLEARLY experienced some kind of emergency — i.e. fire, terrorists, engine failures, really anything that your mind can come up with — made not even the slightest attempt to contact someone on the ground?

Nothing. Not a text, not a phantom phone call from a cell phone that was disconnected before a loved one answered, not a curious tweet that some techy on-board the flight managed to post minutes before something terrible occurred. No-thing. Every single person on that flight had to have had a cell phone. How about all of those individual TVs that receive signals from satellites? In this technological age, when hackers are finding ways to break into cameras on computers, phones and anything else you can think of, not ONE person could track those phones in the first 48 hours? WiFi is offered on-board. Nothing from that was transmitted to the ground, as far as time and location? WHAT? What happened to these people? What happened to this plane? The pilots? Not one of the crew members thought, ‘Let me send out some S.O.S. signal that maybe someone can interpret on the ground, somehow, someway’? I repeat: Nothing. This smells. This smells bad.

So what’s missing? Getting information out of the Malaysian Government is like pulling teeth. Why? Why are these officials not more concerned about their people; about human beings who are missing? Who throws their hands up and basically says, ‘Well, we did our best’. No. That’s not how this works when you have almost 250 souls depending on your aircraft to make it from Point A to Point B.

Experts, people who live, eat and breathe the aviation world, are completely speechless. Turn on CNN for a minute and listen to what the panels of people, who are the best in their field, have to say about the search, the plane, the governments involved. At certain times in the discussion they are scratching their heads saying, ‘It could be this. It could be that. This doesn’t fit. Something isn’t adding up.’

The search area just changed dramatically in the last 14 hours. New data has emerged regarding flight time compared to the amount of fuel used, which has brought the search closer to the coast of Australia. Closer, but unfortunately, not a smaller search area, which now measures the size of New Mexico. This has brought into question all of the past data from the last 19 days. Was any of it credible? What about those satellite images? Australia has completely abandoned the area where the 300 images were found via satellite. I don’t like it. Do we not want to know why pieces of debris, the size of parts that could have been from an airplane, are lying on the ocean floor? I understand the importance right now is finding this flight, but to not find any of those images important raises serious red flags for me.

And why Australia? Why has this flight plan all of a sudden moved closer to the coast? Did the pilots realize they were getting within a few hundred miles of land and shift the aircraft towards the Australian continent, hoping to make it before fuel ran out? Sounds awfully “Amelia Earhart” of them. Did they lose all technological capabilities?  There’s just way too many possibilities. I am in no way saying this search rests solely on Australia, because it does not. They’re following the best “leads” they have. But can I ask, who’s in charge here? WHO is making these ultimate decisions? Where does the Malaysian government fit into this search? WHY is everyone so completely confused?

These families want, no need, proof that their loved ones were “lost.” Imagine being trapped in the worst 24 hours of your life, over and over and over again. This is a form of Hell that no one should have to experience. I can’t begin to imagine what torment these people have gone through. Not to mention, without proof, no matter how obvious something may seem, there is always the minutest possibility that maybe, just maybe, they are surviving somewhere on an island much like television and movies have allowed us to conjure in our minds.

With every possible piece of technology and satellites available, with the smartest people in the world tracking all of this evidence, if this plane is not found then you will never convince me that it crashed. There’s TOO many questions unanswered. My conspiracy theory? (We can all have one, right?) I’ve always thought that that plane landed safely somewhere and the passengers and crew are being held captive. Why? Just another question. Is it possible? Why not? Did anyone think a Boeing 777 could vanish into thin air? Nope.

I’m sick for these families, I’m sick for that pilot’s family, who without a shred of proof, has had his name and his family’s name just completely annihilated by the media and the Malaysian Government. I was never convinced those pilots made this happen, and until authorities can PROVE that they did, I can, as an American, believe he is innocent until proven guilty.

I pray for the loved ones. I pray for every soul that was on that flight that day. I pray that we find answers, because until we do we continue to sit, mystified, making assumptions. We know they are missing, but we can not forget about them. Find this plane. Find these people. And come back to me with something more concrete than, “a new credible lead” because I’m not buying it. Not at all.

(A somber) XO,

B. Marie


The Shitshow That Was The Bachelor


Remember when “Juan-uary” was right around the corner and everyone was sitting on the edge of their seats, awaiting the start of what was promised to be the sexiest and most romantic run of The Bachelor in the past 17 seasons? Yeah, me too. It’s amazing how quickly something can completely implode in front of our eyes. Last night was the conclusion to Juan Pablo’s season as The Bachelor (Thank God!) and after the After The Final Rose, all of America wondered, “Is Juan Pablo the worst Bachelor ever?” My answer: “Probably, but Jake Pavelka is a hot second.” I found this a very difficult season to watch and I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. But now I know: He was never IN it. Pavelka at least made me feel like he was truly looking for that special one, and I believe he was, but darling(!) Vienna was NOT it. As time went on, though, I couldn’t help but feel like The Bachelor was merely hook-up central for Juan Pablo. I found myself fast-forwarding through my recorded episodes, which in past seasons was a sin, just to see who was left at the end. Because he never felt it, never connected, neither did I. Even though I thought Sean’s season was a snooze, I watched every second, including, SPOILER ALERT! Catherine and Sean’s wedding. Ultimately, this season did teach me something: If the Bachelor/Bachelorette is in it for the right reasons, then I’m all for it, because another half-assed season like this one, and the series is headed to the graveyard. Here are some thoughts now that this nightmare of a season has concluded.

Before America completely hated him.

Before America completely hated him.

His biggest problem was his “honesty” and his morals on how he treated these women and how he would want his daughter to be treated by a man. But then in the same breath, he found countless ways to make that woman feel like absolute crap.

Side Note: I know it’s easier to shorten his name but for the love of God, please don’t call him “J.P.” We had the one and only J.P. on Ashley Hebert’s season of The Bachelorette and it’s an insult to his name to give Juan Pablo the same moniker. Ask Ashley if she’d even touch Juan Pablo with a ten foot pole. I’m thinking the answer would be, “Hell no.” Let’s just call this idiot Pablo and continue on.

Anywho. Wow, did Clare dodge a bullet or what? I just wish that she had actually done it herself when he made that asinine comment in that helicopter. That conversation went like so, according to a “source”, a.k.a the only other person in the helicopter with Pablo and Clare, a.k.a. the pilot: Clare: “Tell me you love me.” Juan Pablo: “I really loved f*cking you.”


I do applaud her for finally saying what she should have said to him back during “Oceangate”. There’s nothing better than a woman telling some giant asshole to basically f*ck off on national television. And while I’m still not on the loving-Clare train, she redeemed herself a little bit for me.

In other news, Sharleen FINALLY admitted last night that he’s pretty much the worst and I like her all over again. It’s pretty hard to not have seen the light after an entire season of his douchebaggery. “Well, I’m glad I didn’t pick her.” Why? Because she’s a grown woman who finally spoke her mind and called you out? You’re right, she’s WAY too good for you. The second one of these women actually started arguing with him, he became obviously uncomfortable.

What we didn’t realize when this season began is the type of female Pablo was looking for. And Clare, Andi and Sharleen weren’t that type. Nikki keeps her mouth shut. She’s cool with the status quo. It’s sad. I mean, what about, “I like you ALOT,” made Nikki think, “Wow, this is my dream man”?

When Nikki came out by herself to talk with Chris on the hot seat last night she seemed pissed. In fact, she seemed pissed through most of the show. She looked like the cat that ate the canary the entire time they sat on that couch together. Did anyone else feel like they were trying too hard? It was as if she was the cheerleader in high school who hung on a little too tight to the quarterback of the football team, staying silent as he made a complete ass out of himself. We get it, you picked Nikki. Was there a reason that after watching this entire season, Nikki didn’t come out on that stage and say, “You’re an asshole and we’re over”? Was that really too much to ask for as a viewer? I digress.

It really was almost like he was a 5 year old, stomping his foot into the ground and saying “No daddy, I won’t go clean my room and you can’t make me [sticks out tongue].” At a certain point, it was laughable how determined he was to not give the audience anything at all. And if that’s your objective Pablo, fine; to each his own. But, you signed up for this show. You had to have known what you were getting into and if you didn’t, oh well, you still made the decision to sign on the dotted line, so deal with the fallout. One thing’s for sure, the show wasn’t hurt because Pablo wouldn’t say, “I love you.” It was Pablo whose name will forever be tarnished by this season and regardless of how he was “edited”, that sits solely on him, not the show.

Has anyone raised this possibility: that this is a cultural difference? He LITERALLY did not see anything wrong in the way he acted or the things he said. His entire family threw up red flags, so I’m not saying addtext_com_MTUzMTA5MTAwNTYthis doesn’t rest squarely on his shoulders, but maybe male/female relations are viewed differently in South America? — I’m genuinely asking here — It’s a possibility right? The way a woman feels she should be treated in a relationship in America is not a Universal truth around the globe. There are, of course, human decencies and common sense that should ring true in a man or woman’s head, but he wasn’t raised here. I’ve never lived in Venezuela, so I couldn’t possibly know how a boy is raised to treat a female in a South American home. BUT LET’S BE CLEAR, this in NO WAY has anything to do with the way he speaks the English language, which by the way, he is fluent in. So in the words of Matthew McConaughey, “Bullshit. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.”

What is clear is that there are some serious relationship issues that Pablo is dealing with. Who knows where they come from, but he certainly has a problem showing emotion and expressing love or feelings. Seriously, all the power to Nikki, if she’s actually in this for the long haul but be warned: prepare to feel like a complete loser throughout your entire relationship.

I think everyone sat dazed last night when Pablo went on about some “dramatic changes” that he and Nikki were facing. I’m assuming that has to do with the fact that he was planning to sign on to do DANCING WITH THE STARS, but after his anti-gay comments, the network pulled the plug. Had he joined the show, the “in like a lot” couple would have presumably moved to L.A., but now they are making other plans… I think. Chris tried his best to get down to the nitty gritty on that one. You certainly can’t fault him for trying to piece together this mystery.

Lastly, let’s address this “in private” relationship that he believes he is going to have with Nikki now that the show is over. HA! Sean shaking his head and telling him he’s mistaken was an understatement. I mean, come on, you literally just said to every paparazzi out there, “Come get me.” And in that moment, every media platform and cameraman responded, “Challenge accepted.”

As Chris Harrison said last night, “Let’s shower that one off”… I’m absolutely ecstatic about Andi being the next Bachelorette. So for now, see you on the front page, Pablo. But seriously, “it’s okay.” Wink.

B. Marie

You Think This Won’t Happen To You?


Is that sexy selfie really worth your future?

I’ve been out of the blogging game for a bit, but it only takes one thing to light that fire. And Charlotte’s story did that for me. This is the story of one mother’s fight and fight she did.

If you read anything today, if you only click on one link all weekend, this is the one to choose. If you’re a woman; if you’re the parent of a daughter, any age, you WANT — no NEED — to read this. If you’re a guy who thinks the guy getting revenge against an ex-girlfriend is hilarious, I beg you to read this. It’s a loooong read. It’s also terrifying. And it’s all true. Grab your coffee (or an alcoholic beverage, because you might want one after this) and settle in with your smart phone, laptop, iPad or at your desktop (people still have those, I’m assuming) and just keep reading. An excerpt from the article is below. Follow the linked text at the bottom to, where this originally appeared. CLICK the link and FINISH the article. I promise that you’ll be scared for our future, for our children’s future, but knowing that this can happen and that this kind of evil exists in the world, well, that’s something that we should all be aware of, no matter how much we want to stick our heads in the sand. Thank God Charlotte didn’t.

This is what happens when the “most hated man on the Internet” messes with the wrong mother.

I felt like Will Smith in “Enemy of the State.” I was being hunted, harassed and stalked by criminals with technological expertise. I had been thrust into an unexpected war. I felt exposed, vulnerable and alone on the front line. I had awoken a hideous network of villains and saboteurs, who were in pursuit of me, hoping to ruin my life. I had received creepy emails, backlash on Twitter and three death threats. My computer had been bombarded with viruses, and a technician had advised me to buy all new equipment because the malware was tough to remove.

“Also, be leery of unusual cars or vans in the neighborhood,” the tech added.

“Why?” I asked.

“If someone wants to break into your computer network, he will need to be close to your house. That is, unless he has advanced skills. Then, he could gain access from anywhere.”

I hurried home from the hardware store with my all-important purchase: heavy-duty padlocks. I knew I had to secure the gates at my residence, so that an intruder or a team of intruders could not access my backyard and possibly my home.

I pulled into my driveway and scanned the street, glad that the suspicious white car with the young, male driver was no longer present. It had been there on the previous evening, according to my daughter, Kayla. She’d seen it when she returned from work, and she had monitored it for several hours until it disappeared. She did not report the incident to me until the next day.

“Mom, why was there a guy in a white car, watching our house last night?”

Because she had no knowledge of the “be leery of unusual cars or vans” warning by the computer technician, I could not accuse her of paranoia.

I affixed padlocks to the gates, and the phone rang. It was like a gun. It had become a powerful way to threaten and to terrorize me. It was one of my enemy’s weapons. I reluctantly picked up the receiver.

“We know where you live,” a muffled male voice spoke. “Your life will be ruined.” He hung up.

A caller that morning had told me I would be raped, tortured and killed. I glanced out the front window. The night had once looked innocent and peaceful, but suddenly it seemed ominous and dangerous. Then I logged onto my computer to see whether the Twitter backlash against me had ceased. It had not. But there was an odd message on my feed, which read, “Please follow me. I need to direct message you.”

I did as I was instructed, and the interaction resulted in a bizarre phone call. Just as “Enemy of the State” protagonist Will Smith got aid from Gene Hackman — an off-the-grid, former government agent — I was being offered assistance.

“Don’t worry. We’re going to protect you. We’re computer experts,” were the first words uttered by a man nicknamed “Jack,” who claimed to be an operative with the underground group, Anonymous.

I knew little about the famous, decentralized network of activists and hacktivists, who are sometimes called “freedom fighters” or digital Robin Hoods, so I conducted Google searches during our half-hour phone conversation.

“Jack” instructed me on how to protect my computer network and explained in detail how he and a buddy planned to electronically go after the man who had been threatening me and who had been urging his devotees to follow suit. He then uttered the name of the person who has become the most well-known online face of revenge porn: a man named Hunter Moore.

“We know Hunter and his followers have been attacking you on Twitter. We will go after him and we won’t stop until he stops victimizing people,” he said. (xoJane reached out to Moore to comment for this story, but received no response.)

I felt better after the call, but wondered if it had been a practical joke. Was this really the notorious group Anonymous or was I being duped? Did I have an ally or would the stalking and emotional harassment escalate into physical violence against my family? I would learn the truth within 24 hours.

How It All Began…

The Hairy Truth: A Mark Sanchez Story

The good old days!

The good old days!

Remember this? I do. And I weep because we’ll never see it again. At the ripe age of 27, Mark Sanchez is all but washed up. Add this latest shoulder injury to the mix and you have an NFL quarterback who had great promise, now sitting on the sidelines watching his rookie back-up QB take the reigns, as his career slowly slips away. Where did it all go wrong? How did the guy who was supposed to take us to the Superbowl, wind up getting booed off the field and laughed out of New York? The story lies in his hair… no joke.

In case you ruled the upcoming season a complete loss (like I did) during pre-season play, here’s some stats: The Jets sit in third place at 2-1 in the AFC going into week 4 of the 2013-14 season, behind both the Dolphins and the Pats, who are each sitting pretty at 3-0. Not half bad when you take into consideration that Geno Smith is leading the pack. But what happened to Ryan’s prodigal son, Sanchez?

I blame it all on that September 2011 GQ cover (above).

Adorable and clean cut

Adorable and clean cut

Let’s take it back to 2009, when the bright-eyed rookie was selected fifth overall in the first round of the draft. Check out the newest member of the New York Jets. Eager and humble, he knew he’d made it. He later signed a contract for $28 million, with $50 million guaranteed.

We miss you!

We miss you!

In 2010, a star emerged both on and off the field. He was even named “Eye Candy of the Week” in an Essence post. He was built, he was tan, he was a big bowl of yum! He had also led the Jets to their first post-season game since 2006. The world, okay the state of New York, was in the palm of his hands. He was being called “The Sanchize” and the powerhouse that was “Ryan and Sanchez” had finally brought life back into the flailing NY team.

Sign me up!

Sign me up!

By 2011, he was officially every girl’s soon-to-be husband. Just look at that coif! With his boyish good looks and signature smile, he brought (most) women to their knees. And he had taken the Jets to back-to-back AFC title appearances. Although losing both games, to the Colts in 2010 and the Steelers in 2011, Jet fans could taste a 2012 Superbowl appearance. Third time’s the charm, right?

"I am the man!"

“I am the man!”

Wrong. The fateful GQ cover hit stores in September 2011 and Mr. Sanchez got a little too big for his britches. But holy hotness! He was being called the next Broadway Joe (circa 1960s). And he was a staple at any and every Broadway show. “He’s seen just about every show out there, many of them multiple times. His truck is cluttered with cast albums,” wrote the GQ editor. The hype was great, but that’s all it was. The team finished 8-8 for the season and the naysayers started coming out of the woodwork.

What's on your face?!?

What’s on your face?!?

After a public breakup with star Eva Longoria in September 2012 (what a laugh that relationship was!), the QB was starting to succumb to the pressure. Truth be told, New York may be one of the toughest cities to be a professional sports player in. Plain and simple, we don’t like to lose. And that’s all Sanchez was doing. By December, Ryan had finally benched the lost QB. Another thing he lost? His hair trimmer, apparently. Are you trying to look older? Because it’s not working. Actually, you look homeless.

I'm going to need to speak with your mother...

I’m going to need to speak with your mother…

The spiral downward continued and in April 2013 Geno Smith was drafted. The two duked it out for the starting spot in the lineup and Sanchez, a.k.a Ryan’s golden child, won the title. After pulling out a win in the second pre-season game, Sanchez was injured in game three of the pre-season and Smith stepped in, going on to defeat the Giants. I think the injury was the gods way of telling him to take a good, long, hard look in the mirror. Any mirror! No, but really. Who told him this was okay?

Who are you and what did you do with Sanchez?

Who are you and what did you do with Sanchez?

And then there’s this. Suited up but sitting on the sidelines, Sanchez must be wondering, “How did I get here?” One word: Your hair. And the headband isn’t working either. In the words of Regina George, “Stop trying to make ‘Fetch’ happen.” Enough is enough. Even Broadway closed its doors to you. Get it together.

Let’s be honest, Sanchez has officially moved into the “I don’t give an eff” attitude and sweetheart, it shows. Seriously, have you taken a look in the mirror lately? Because I beg you to. In case you missed the latest headlines, you lost your game not the ability to clean yourself up. With Smith holding his own as starting QB and Sanchez being moved to the short-term injured reserve list, the lights are dimming on Sanchez’s career. They won’t even show him sitting on the sidelines anymore. Think these are coincidences? Not a chance. Networks don’t want his mug taking up precious time on their channel. Let’s start by removing that God-awful Fu Manchu you seem to think is a good idea and maybe Woody Johnson will start taking your calls again.

Don’t agree? I leave you with this:





Forever A Part Of Bachelor Nation


If you know me, you know one of my obsessions is ABC’s The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad franchise. Each year I gear up, ready for the hilarious yet lame, and ultimately (after After The Final Rose) heart-breaking end to a couple I’ve fallen in love with (I’m looking at you Emily and Jef. There’s still hope for you two yet…). I am neither proud nor ashamed to say that I still remember the very first Bachelor, Alex, who paved the way for the soon-to-be 18 bachelors who have followed him, as well as nine Bachelorettes and three seasons of Bachelor Pad! The genius that is Creator/Executive Producer Mike Fleiss has continuously produced a show that, while it doesn’t always live up to the “epic season” beloved host Chris Harrison always claims it will be (I fall for it every time, Harrison.), the show continues to entertain and even inspire (thank the Jesus for Trista and Ryan, and a few others who have followed them).

Since its beginning in 2002, the entire Bachelor family, or every contestant to ever appear on each show, has acquired the moniker of “Bachelor Nation”. On any given day, you can hop on Twitter, search the term #bachelornation and you’re sure to find out the latest goings-ons of some of your favorite Bachelor babes and beauties. There are those who are loved, those who are hated, those you love to hate and even hate to love. (Michelle Money, I don’t know how you did it, but you won me over, girl!) It’s really just one big, incestuous, dysfunctional family.

While I don’t know any of these people personally and I understand the difference between stalking and being curious, my heart fell Tuesday night when I read that a favorite contestant of mine and all-around beloved sweetheart, Gia Allemand from both The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad, was reported to be in critical condition at a New Orleans hospital. Gia had kept a low profile as of late and as far as the media was concerned, all was assumed to be well. Then, on Wednesday afternoon, broke the news that Gia had been pronounced dead. “Wow.” That was all that could be said. And then the questions started. But while “we” were wondering what could possibly have gone so wrong, a family, a boyfriend and all those who knew her had lost this amazingly beautiful woman from their lives.

I’ll be honest when I say, watching the camaraderie that surrounds the contestants after the shows are over is a really lovely thing and only makes me want to go on the show just to have those friendships afterwards! Yes, I have a life (and friends) but there’s something about these people and the connections they’ve made that seem, I guess, special. They support each other, they laugh at (and with) one another and they travel in groups when there’s something to be celebrated. And this is one moment when that camaraderie is needed the most. Already the outpouring of support and prayers for Gia and her family have taken over social media and news sites. Today, every person associated with the franchise — even the fans — became a part of #bachelornation and as a whole, we are grieving. It really doesn’t matter if you knew her or not. What matters is that she’s in everyone’s prayers.

We may never know what caused Gia to make the decision she did, but one thing’s for sure she will be missed dearly. And while the Bachelor family isn’t always the classiest bunch, you can be sure that they’re all deciding how exactly to honor one of their own. And that, we can only hope, will be the most memorable thing they do.

Tonight you’re in my prayers, Gia. May you finally find your peace.

Look for me next season when Juan Pablo is sure to garner possibly the highest ratings of the franchise as the 18th Bachelor. Obviously, I’m the best possible candidate for the once-professional soccer hunk but alas, I’m removing myself from the competition (people, I’m kidding…) and will be blogging with my equally Bachelor/ette-obsessed Bostonian friend, L. The commentary between the two of us every Monday night is never short of belly-achingly funny, so we’ve decided to make our convos public. Sorry, we’re not sorry.

B. Marie

Is There Still Time To Decline?

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

Dear Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes, I know you’re bored these days and VH1, I’m sure, offered a really sweet deal for a new reality show but I have my concerns. The most important being that this might be the nail in the coffin where your marriage is concerned.


B. Marie

I’m not too sure who told these two that a reality series was a good idea, but they’re out of their minds. The stability of this marriage is based on the fact that everyone has set them up to fail from day one. You don’t exactly have the best track record Eddie, and LeAnn your rep isn’t that clean either. With each having a failed marriage behind them, you can’t tell me they aren’t aware of the dreaded reality show curse. Jessica still wishes she had a VIP pass to 98 Degrees, The Gosselin’s never know which of their eight kids they’re watching this week, Britney and Kevin… I mean, tell me you remember they had that sad, sad show “Chaotic”? And I’m super bummed to point out that it looks like Khloe Kardashian and Lamar are due to be over any day now.

Rimes and Cibrian have featured their own soap opera over the past few years, between their own affair becoming public knowledge and the “rumor” of Eddie stepping out on LeAnn, while he was still married to Brandi. SHOCKER. This is the very last thing the two need. Let’s dredge up every bad bit of publicity they’ve encountered over the past four years and highlight it on national television. Eh, no hard feelings…. Riiiiight.

Ultimately, I hope these two get a clue and back out on the deal.

But on a related note, could they pop out a baby already? We need a child in the world with those genes mixed together before this marriage goes South of the Border.


B. Marie

“So, A Home Run Is Worth Seven Points, Right?!”


Football season is right around the corner — thank God! — and there’s nothing I hate more than a girl pretending to like the game for the sake of the guy she’s got her eye on. No, it’s not cute, and it actually gives a bad name to those of us who willingly sit in front of the TV every single Sunday from September to February (Preseason is lame, I’m so over it). But c’mon ladies, if you don’t get it, own it. The dude might actually be impressed that you’re asking questions and getting interested.

Now, while I can’t wait for my team to run out on the field and start taking names (For the record, I’m a diehard N.Y. Jets fan and no, I’m not joking.), I get the same excitement from my brand new Urban Decay Naked Basics Eye Palette, which just arrived in the mail! The faster I can break into that box and start testing it out, the better as far as I’m concerned.

From matching jewelry (No, rose gold is not a substitute when wearing plain gold everywhere else), to the perfection of eye makeup, and what about those nails? To shellac or not to shellac? Your burning questions may or may not be answered here. I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’m excited to blog about anything and everything that interests me. And it could be anything from the fact that I finally learned how to use a drill (YAY!), to the one and only place I get my eyebrows done — the Benefit Brow Bar does it right, ladies — I’m just looking to write it all down.

What’s the latest book I’m reading? Or the show that I’m newly obsessed with? The last place I traveled to or where I would die to go? Maybe I just simply need to get some words on the page. Either way, I’ll be doing my best to make it frequent and fabulous!

I write poetry. I love music. I’m obsessed with traveling. I scrapbook. I love great photography. I live for the TV shows that I follow religiously. I can shoot a basketball and rock a pair of high heels all day long. Tinder is my matchmaker, Pinterest is my wedding planner and Instagram is my professional photographer, but mainly it’s just me, making my way through the world and laughing at the girl who pretends to know what a safety is… Ugh, just ask!

My family keeps me grounded and I would not be me without them. I wouldn’t have my love of football without my dad and my excitement for all things girly without my mom. So yes ladies, there’s no shame in a solid afternoon of football or two hours spent on your hair. You don’t have to choose one over the other. Girls get the best of both worlds!


B. Marie