“So, A Home Run Is Worth Seven Points, Right?!”


Football season is right around the corner — thank God! — and there’s nothing I hate more than a girl pretending to like the game for the sake of the guy she’s got her eye on. No, it’s not cute, and it actually gives a bad name to those of us who willingly sit in front of the TV every single Sunday from September to February (Preseason is lame, I’m so over it). But c’mon ladies, if you don’t get it, own it. The dude might actually be impressed that you’re asking questions and getting interested.

Now, while I can’t wait for my team to run out on the field and start taking names (For the record, I’m a diehard N.Y. Jets fan and no, I’m not joking.), I get the same excitement from my brand new Urban Decay Naked Basics Eye Palette, which just arrived in the mail! The faster I can break into that box and start testing it out, the better as far as I’m concerned.

From matching jewelry (No, rose gold is not a substitute when wearing plain gold everywhere else), to the perfection of eye makeup, and what about those nails? To shellac or not to shellac? Your burning questions may or may not be answered here. I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’m excited to blog about anything and everything that interests me. And it could be anything from the fact that I finally learned how to use a drill (YAY!), to the one and only place I get my eyebrows done — the Benefit Brow Bar does it right, ladies — I’m just looking to write it all down.

What’s the latest book I’m reading? Or the show that I’m newly obsessed with? The last place I traveled to or where I would die to go? Maybe I just simply need to get some words on the page. Either way, I’ll be doing my best to make it frequent and fabulous!

I write poetry. I love music. I’m obsessed with traveling. I scrapbook. I love great photography. I live for the TV shows that I follow religiously. I can shoot a basketball and rock a pair of high heels all day long. Tinder is my matchmaker, Pinterest is my wedding planner and Instagram is my professional photographer, but mainly it’s just me, making my way through the world and laughing at the girl who pretends to know what a safety is… Ugh, just ask!

My family keeps me grounded and I would not be me without them. I wouldn’t have my love of football without my dad and my excitement for all things girly without my mom. So yes ladies, there’s no shame in a solid afternoon of football or two hours spent on your hair. You don’t have to choose one over the other. Girls get the best of both worlds!


B. Marie


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